About us

Choice of the law firm and the appropriate professional attorney is a challenge either for Individual Clients or Business Client.

There are currently approx. 100 lawyers with certificate of the lawyer’s authorisation to for 100,000 residents in Poland [1]. Why, then, from approx. 53,000 professionals providing services to the legal market should you choose us? There are at least a few reasons:

  1. Law is our passion.

Law studies, and then joining the legal profession is not a family tradition, but our conscious choice.

  1. We are motivated by activity.

Each case is a challenge for us, there are no two identical cases. Therefore, we always offer an individual solution to the problem.

  1. We like to talk, also in foreign languages.

We believe that a personal meeting with the customer is not only the most important source of knowledge about the case. It allows us to meet customer needs and establish contact with the individual. In the end, in the lawyer proffession, it is important to gain the trust. We offer comprehensive legal services in Polish, English, French, German and Japanese.

  1. We look far and wide.

Our Law Firm consists of two lawyers specializing in different areas of law, which allows to look at the entrusted case from different perspectives and choose the best solution.

  1. We play as a team.

Only a team game can be successful. Within the Law Firm we cooperate with a bailiff, a psychologist, a tax advisor, an accountant and the translator of Japanese language in order to the best possible take care of your interests.

  1. We are available.

We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday at convenient hours for you. In case of prearranged meetings we can be available in the morning or evening. But we value our private time on the weekends. By way of exception,n there is a possibility to make an appointment on Saturday, but the casual, not business outfit is applicable (both for the Attorney and the Client).

  1. We are Europeans.

As citizens of the European Union, outside national laws we have to be familiar with Community law. Advocate Małgorzata Kozłowska, through internships in the European institutions (the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Council of the European Union in Brussels), study abroad (studies at the University of Strasbourg, Amiens and Limoges) and activities in international organizations (Fair Trials International) moves freely within these issues.

  1. We like each other.

Lawyers creating Leader Lawyers Law Firm and persons cooperating with them are on a daily basis professionals in their fields. Privately, this is a group of people who like each other and respect and trust each other, which translates into professional relationships at work and approach to cases entrusted to us.

[1] http://blog.naveo.pl/2014/07/11/prognozy-rynku-uslug-prawniczych/