Individual Client

The Leader Lawyers Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services provided to individual entities. We approach each project very individually.  Before the realisation, we work out a detailed plan of action with our clients, the range of activities and the amount of remuneration (salary or hourly flat rate) and ways of payment (eg. payment in installments). We believe that the cooperation should be based primarily on a transparent rules and on a mutual trust and confidentiality. Our actions are efficient, punctual and with a constant communication with customers.

Main areas of activity taking into account needs of individual clients, in which our law firm specializes, are among others:



  • the comprehensive service in all types of court cases,
  • cases related to the protection of personal rights,
  • cases of incapacitation,
  • cases concerning debt collection and the enforcement of debts from unscrupulous debtors,
  • cases related to broadly defined right in rem, regulations concerning ownership of things, the abolition of joint ownership, division of property, the prescription and establishment of easements,
  • cases related to liability in contract and tort,
  • pursuing claims under the warranty, the warranty for faults and investigation contractual claims,
  • cases related to civil-law contracts, including giving opinions and drafting contracts (including rental, lease, order, work, the contract partnership, etc.),
  • conducting proceedings for damages against insurance companies and courts for damages and compensations to the injured persons on the basis of various types of insurance contracts (business and MTPL OC, property insurance, group workers insurance, etc.)
  • cases related to copyright and industrial property.



  • cases of declaration of inheritance,
  • cases related to a legitime,
  • proceedings on inheritance.



  • divorce cases and for a legal separation,
  • cases related to the division of property,
  • cases related  to custody,
  • cases related to maintenance,
  • cases of the determination or denial of paternity,
  • case of the determination of  existence or non-existence of marriage,
  • matrimonial property cases (the division of property).



  • the representation of crime victims at the stage of investigation and prosecution,
  • the defense of people accused of committing crimes at the stage of investigation and prosecution,
  • the defense of people in a police custody: repeal or change of a preventive measure,
  • the defense of convicted persons at the stage of criminal enforcement proceedings, including handling cases related to imprisonment, postponement of the execution of imprisonment, a break in a custodial sentence, conditional release, electronic surveillance,
  • the preparation of letters initiating criminal proceedings: notifications on suspicion of committing a crime, subsidiary and private indictments,
  • legal advice on misdemeanour, criminal and criminal tax cases.



  • cases of the determination of the employment relationship and the method of its determination,
  • cases related to the recognition of termination of employment as ineffective,
  • cases related to collective dismissal, amount of payoff,
  • cases concerning payment of unpaid or too low wages, as well as due and not paid allowances,
  • cases concerning compensation from the unlawful termination of employment,
  • cases of accidents at work,
  • cases of mobbing and discrimination,
  • representation in disability authorities, initiating appeal proceedings in cases of social security benefits.



  • broadly defined representation in administrative and court-administrative proceedings,
  • the preparation of appeals against the decision and appeals against the public administration decisions
  • the preparation of complaints to the Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • conducting proceedings and writing letters in cases in tax authorities.