Business Client

Lawyers Leader Law Firm in its wide range of services, offers a comprehensive and professional legal services to businesses, public authorities, as well as institutional clients, including companies, banks, foundations, cooperatives, housing communities.

We believe that every client is unique and requires untypical treatment in respect of the benefit of provided legal services. Therefore, together with our customers we adjust both the scope of legal protection provided, as well as the amount of the fee to their preferences. To this end, we offer, among others, the permanent legal service for legal entities or on the basis of individual orders. With the permanent service clients pay a fixed flat rate for a given period of time or hourly. The effectiveness in the implementation of outsourced tasks and provide our Clients high standards of legal services is our priority. In pursuing of these objectives we take care to preserve the utmost care and professionalism in our activities, as well as the full involvement of Our lawyers and their availability in relation to Clients. At the same time, caring for the competitiveness of Our services, we work with many external entities (i.e. Insurance brokers, real estate agents, translators of foreign languages, notaries), which will further expand our opportunities for the offered cooperation.

Main areas of services provided for Business Clients, which specializes our law firm, are, among others:



  • the comprehensive service in all types of court cases,
  • cases concerning debt collection and the enforcement of debts from unscrupulous debtors,
  • cases related to broadly defined right in rem, regulations concerning ownership of things, the abolition of joint ownership, prescription and the establishment of easements,
  • cases related to liability in contract and tort,
  • cases concerning civil law agreements, including giving opinions and drafting of contracts used in business transactions, drafting and reviewing commercial contracts, general terms, regulations, statutes, etc.,
  • cases related to illegal contract clauses
  • conducting proceedings for compensation against insurance companies and courts for compensation arising from a variety of insurance contracts,
  • cases related to copyright and industrial property,
  • the preparation of legal opinions and studies of issues reported up to date by the Client.



  • comprehensive representation of entrepreneurs in common and arbitration courts,
  • drafting agreements of civil, personal and capital companies
  • cases related to the registration of an individual business,
  • conducting cases in the Registry court in the registration of commercial companies, foundations,
  • cases related to the merge, division and transformation of companies,
  • cases related to the protection of competition,
  • professional negotiations and in proceedings between entrepreneurs.



  • the assessment of basis for an application for bankruptcy,
  • the preparation of bankruptcy filings and requests for approval of the terms of sale of the debtor company,
  • the representation of the creditor and the debtor in the bankruptcy proceedings in courts of both instances, including in the proceedings to secure the assets of the debtor,
  • the supervision of the winding-up proceedings, preparation of requests for exemption of property from the bankruptcy estate,
  • the personal representation of the creditor of the bankrupt, in particular as regards the application its claims, appeal a list of claims, filing objections to the plan of division,
  • drafting and negotiating arragement proposals on behalf of the bankrupt or creditor,
  • the representation of the bankrupt in proceedings for an adjudication on operating ban,
  • the assessment of basis for the restructuring proposal, assistance in choosing the type of restructuring proceedings,
  • preparing applications for the opening of restructuring proceedings and applications for approval of the system adopted in the procedure for approval of the system,
  • the representation of the debtor and creditor in the restructuring proceedings,
  • drawing up restructuring plans, preparation of arrangement proposals.



  • current legal advice related to personnel cases,
  • cases related to determining the existence of an employment relationship,
  • cases related to the recognition of termination of employment as ineffective,
  • cases related to collective dismissal, the amount of payoff,
  • cases concerning accidents at work,
  • cases of mobbing and discrimination,
  • representation in disability authorities.



  • representation of business entities harmed by the criminal and tax-criminal crimes at the preparation and court stage,
  • defense of people accused of committing crimes associated with managing business at the investigation and prosecution stage,
  • defense of people accused of a crime tax at the stage of preparatory proceedings and criminal investigations, including tax crimes,
  • legal advice in fiscal and economic cases, and opinions on the planned fiscal and economic activities in terms of their compliance laws in order to eliminate the risk of tax-criminal liability.



  • the broadly defined representation in administrative proceedings in administrative bodies of both instances, including tax and customs authorities and in administrative court proceedings,
  • the preparation of appeals against  decisions and complaints against  public administration decisions,
  • the preparation of complaints to the Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • conducting proceedings and drafting letters in cases in the tax authorities.



  • verification of the legal position of a development property with land and mortgage register and the local spatial development plan,
  • representation in the administrative proceedings concerning the execution of construction investments (excluding a land from the agricultural production, decisions on land development conditions, construction permit),
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts for construction works, design works and investor’s supervision,
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts for property developers, reservation of premises and preliminary contracts for the sale of a flat,
  • utilities providing consulting,
  • legal services in terms of investment processes and investment processes claims,
  • representation in proceedings of statutory warranty claims and warranty claims for building and dwelling defects, as well as claims for indemnities.